" 30th Meeting ‘Go and Hiking in the Mountains’ at Ischgl (Austria) "

July, 13. - 20. 2024

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Also, in 2024 we expect to have our yearly meeting with amateur Go players from Europe.  

For the year 2024, we are planning the 30th meeting "Go and Hiking in the mountains" at the village Ischgl in the Paznaun
valley (Federal State Tirol in Austria). Those who like playing Go and like the mountains as well, will meet like-minded
people during summer holidays at Ischgl. Also see here .

Ischgl ( http://www.ischgl.at ) is situated at 1.400m over sea level, around Ischgl there are many options for
hiking. For those which are no strong walkers, there are easy walking-tours on the ground of the valley and there
are cable cars for getting up to 2.700m over sea level.
A video from Ischgl, from 2019: Two walking tours .

For playing Go in the Hotel "Goldener Adler" there will be a comfortable extra room. There we usually play 
after dinner – till late night – and when weather is too bad for walking.
The meeting is no tournament, everybody looks for an opponent to play a handicap game.
Sometimes, when weather is exceptionally good, we play outdoors in the mountains at the cottage "Klein Zeinis", which
belongs to the hotel.

Since 1995, the meeting was organized by Mrs. Joshi Wiltschek († 2014) and Mr. Helmut Wiltschek († 2021) (District
Baden, near Vienna). They held contacts to Japan, and they helped Japanese people travelling to Ischgl.
In the years before 2021, Dr. Thomas Pfaff (Kaiserlautern) and Roman Maschtera (District Baden, near Vienna) supported the
Organizers considerable.


Further Information:   The Hotel "Goldener Adler", Addresses and Links, How to Travel to Ischgl, More Pictures,
Professionals at Ischgl


            "The Hotel ‚Goldener Adler‘  in the center of the village Ischgl"

The Hotel "Goldener Adler" (Golden Eagle)

The Hotel "Goldener Adler " ( http://www.goldener-adler.at ) is managed by the family Kurz and offers to
its guests single and double bed rooms (50 beds in 35 rooms) with breakfast and dinner.
Included are: steam-bath, sauna, whirlpool, once per week breakfast at the cottage "Klein Zeinis"
and 3 – 5 times per week a guided walking-tour.
Once per week, you will have coffee, tea and cakes at "Klein Zeinis" after the walking-tour.
Bath or shower, telephone, television and a safe are available in the rooms.

The hotel has WLAN-access.

Breakfast and dinner are so rich such that most Go players omit a regular meal at noon.
On request you will get sandwiches for your walking-tours.

The hotel price includes the Silvretta Card: This card admits free access to the bus in the Paznaun Valley
and free transfers by bus from the Landeck railway station to the hotel and vice versus. The card admits
unlimited free access to all cable cars in the Paznaun and Samnaun valleys, free entry to the museums and
to the swimming-baths in Ischgl, Galtür and See and free access by car to the Silvretta Route, etc.

The costs per person per night in summer 2023 are
113.00 Euros in a single bed room,
101.00 – 106.00 Euros in a double bed room,
plus 3 Euros tourism tax.
These prices are valid, if you will stay for 7 nights or more.
Otherwise you will have to pay a little bit more.
The prices per night moved up 16-18 Euros compared to 2022.
A detailed pricelist you will find here; see also the website of the hotel (
http://www.goldener-adler.at  ).

May be, you do not like to live in the Hotel „Goldener Adler“ (because you do not like to have 
breakfast and dinner there or because the rooms are too expensive) or, may be, no free room is available at
the “Goldener Adler”. In these cases, the “ Tourismusverband Ischgl” (Association of Tourism Ischgl) 
can help you to find a room or an apartment in another house at Ischgl.
Ischgl is small and the other houses are at 10 min distance at maximum.

For a map of the village Ischgl see here:    Google_Map


            "After dinner: Playing Go in the Hotel ‚Goldener Adler‘ " (Picture by Günter Ciessow)

Addresses and Links:

Hotel "Goldener Adler"
   Mail:                          Hotel Restaurant "Goldener Adler", Kirchenweg 19, 6561 ISCHGL, AUSTRIA
   Telephone:                 0043-5444-5217
   Fax:                            0043-5444-5571

Tourismusverband Ischgl (Association of Tourism Ischgl) 
   Mail:                          Tourismusverband Ischgl, 6561 ISCHGL, AUSTRIA
  Telephone:                  0043-5444-5266-0
   Fax:                            0043-5444-5636

Thomas Pfaff (Organizer and contact in Germany)
  Mail:                           Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 148, 67663 Kaiserslautern, GERMANY
  Telephone:                  0049-631-13698
  Fax:                             0049-322 217 028 89
Roman Maschtera (Organizer and contact in Austria)
   Mail:                          Am Reisenbach 4b, 2440 Reisenberg, AUSTRIA
   Telefone:                    0043- 664-4007880
   e-mail:                        roman.maschtera@aon.at

Helmut Wiltschek (late organizer and initializer of the summer
Go meetings at Ischgl), he passed away in 2021.


Professionals at Ischgl

Nakayama Noriyuki  († 2010)


Nihon Ki-in

1995 - 2009

Abe Yoshiteru († 2009)


Nihon Ki-in


Nagahara Yoshiaki


Nihon Ki-in


Baba Shigeru


Nihon Ki-in

2010 - 2011

Ogata Masaki


Nihon Ki-in


Hayashi Kozo


Kansai Ki-in

2013 - 2018

Further companions of Mr. Nakayama: Nakaoka Jiro (2x), Hisajima Kunio and Mrs. Nakayama Kaoru.
Participants of the Winter Meetings „Go and Ski“ 1996-1997: Mrs. Tsukuda Akiko, Mrs Shigeno Yukiko
and from Kansai Ki-in Muraoka Shigeyuki and Honda Goro.

            "Teaching-games with Hayashi Kozo Sensei in the 'Adler' "

VIDEOS:       Hayashi singing and playing on his ‚Shamisen‘
                        at the
Go-Meeting Ischgl 2017         (by Hans Otto)                  ---
                        at the
EGC Bordeaux 2011 and         (by Richard Mullens)

           "Nakayama Noriyuki Sensei († 2010) playing at the cottage 'Klein-Zeinis' "

How to travel to Ischgl

If you travel by aeroplane:
The airport nearest to Ischgl is Innsbruck, other options are the airports Vienna or Munich in Germany.
From the airport you go to a railway station and then by train to ‘Landeck/Tirol’.
The name of this railway station is ‘Landeck-Zams’. In front of the Station you will find taxis and a bus-stop.
The bus from Landeck to Ischgl starts once per hour. Enter the bus “line 260” (destination Galtür/Bielerhöhe),
get out at the bus-stop ”Ischgl  - Mehrzweckhaus” at Ischgl.
In Ischgl you have to walk 200m from the bus-stop to the hotel. The Hotel ‘Goldener Adler’ is situated in
the center of the village Ischgl near the church.

For a map of the village Ischgl see here:    Google_Map

For groups of Go players arriving  at Innsbruck, a transfer by bus from Innsbruck to the hotel can be

If you travel by train:
See above.

If you travel by car:
Apply the route Innsbruck – Bregenz, follow the direction ‘Landeck’, apply the exit ‘Pians’.
From exit ‘Landeck’ the nearest exit in the west is ‘Pians’. Follow the direction ‘Ischgl’ or ‘Paznauntal’
and find the hotel in the center of the village Ischgl.


More Pictures:

            "The village Ischgl in the valley Paznauntal in the Federal StateTirol"

     "Andreas Koch and a group of Japanese ladies at the Idjoch"

            "Helmut Wiltschek and his birthday-cake on 20.07.2001 "  (Picture by Günter Ciessow)


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       "Birthday-cake on Helmut‘s 80th birthday (20.07.2019), sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Krone "
                                                       (Picture by Christian Krone)


            "Hikers in the Jam-valley"

            "Thomas Pfaff and Andreas Koch playing Go in the ‘Golden Eagle' "

Text:               Dr. Thomas Pfaff, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 148, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Pictures:          Günter Ciessow, Christian Krone and Dr. Thomas Pfaff
Videos:            Hans Otto, Richard Mullens and Dr. Thomas Pfaff

We do not guarantee for the specified costs at the hotel.

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